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Other Products

Unique Products Available From Us

Eezi-Fill Haynet Stacker

Easily & conveniently stack haynets with this ingenious little tool which keeps the net open. Easy to assemble and disassemble both at the yard or at shows.

Aqua Spray - High Pressure Portable Water Solution

It’s never been easier to cool down your horse or spray down your horsebox with this fantastic tool!


A simple yet affective was to fix a flat wheel on a double axle horsebox. Roll the unaffected axle wheel onto the Eezi-Jack & the punctured tyre lifts up in the air making it quick & EEZI to remove & repair!

ViAir 88P Portable Compressor

If you are transporting a horsebox from A to B the best tool you can use is a good quality compressor. The VIAIR 88P portable compressor is the ideal compressor to help you sort out a flat tyre or for compressed are for your Aqua Blast Water Cannister.

Looking for a portable paddock for your horsebox? We have stock!!

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